Invest in Inclusion with a Gift to SOAR!

Invest in Inclusion with a Gift to SOAR! image

YOU can help people of all abilities reach new heights!

It started with a dream.

In 1956, when SOAR was originally founded, there were no opportunities for people with differing abilities. They could not attend school, work, and, more often than not, were institutionalized and segregated from the rest of society. But the parents of our founding participants wanted more for their children. They dreamt of a world where their kids were seen and valued for the unique, wonderful individuals that they were. Where they could have opportunities and be involved members in our community. With this dream, SOAR was founded, and with this dream, we forge ahead into the future.

Offering skills classes, social opportunities, family support, Special Olympics, and education to the wider community, SOAR has been at the forefront of disability advocacy and empowerment for over 65 years. None of which would have been possible without incredible supporters like YOU. Our incredible donors have made and continue to make everything we do at SOAR possible. At any level of giving, your donation makes a difference.

"SOAR has been there for Laura and our family since her birth. We received information about SOAR from a nurse and were so lucky to connect with SOAR staff and families who helped us from day one. Without their support and encouragement in all the steps of our journey, we would not be where we are today. I know people in our situation who live in communities that do not have a “SOAR” to support them, and they have missed many joys in their journey. I truly cannot express how thankful I am for the friendships, guidance, and support we have received from SOAR."

“Being at SOAR Camp is an awesome experience; it is like reaching a safe haven. Almost everywhere, you see and hear people telling you what to be, how to act, and what to do differently, but here you get to be yourself. Everyone is accepting of you! It is a life-changing experience.”

“I love SOAR because of all the fun opportunities to socialize with peers and be yourself! I get a bunch of awesome tools that help me be independent and give me opportunities to be a self-advocate. That is was you promote here at SOAR- no matter what your ability, you can be independent.”