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Innovation in Adversity

Unforeseen Challenges. Unforeseen Opportunities. YOU can help people with differing abilities thrive in all circumstances by donating to SOAR Fox Cities' 2020 Annual Appeal.

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SOAR Fox Cities' 2020 Annual Appeal

“Out of adversity comes opportunity.” ~Benjamin Franklin

These words may be more significant in 2020 than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted all of us and presented tremendous challenges; however, it is during these unprecedented times that we have opportunities.

Will you take this opportunity to show your compassion for others?

Individuals with differing abilities, like Cassidy, need social connections, support and hope now more than ever. When the pandemic started, Cassidy temporarily lost her job and her usual community activities were unavailable. Loneliness and fear began to set in. Cassidy is thankful that SOAR quickly launched virtual sessions and adapted programs. She was able to stay engaged and socially connected through safe activities like a Virtual 5K, Disney Trivia on Facebook Live, Baking Class Zoom and Parking Lot Bingo. According to Cassidy, “SOAR’s virtual activities are different, but a lot of fun!”

Cassidy is one of the nearly 1,200 participants that depend on SOAR for connection, resources and hope. Thanks to you, Cassidy knows that there is a place where she can feel comfortable and find support even through times of adversity.


"SOAR's virtual activities have given Carol an opportunity to connect with friends and participate in activities she enjoys. She always looks forward to the virtual activities that make her days different from the 'same old same old'!"

-Kathy Peterson, SOAR Parent


"SOAR has been an important gift for Kristin through the years. It is wonderful to see the many friendships she has formed with people that enjoy being with her as much as she enjoys being with them. Kristin has always had a wonderful outlook on people. No matter what their abilities, Kristin always says “it’s okay though Mom, he just has his own way. He is my friend.”

This is the basis of what SOAR is, what they represent. Everyone can feel okay to be themselves, and they are accepted whole-heartedly by friends and leaders for being just that. The world needs this more than ever right now."

-Michelle Wyngaard, SOAR Parent


Your gift provides support and hope at a time we need it the most. Thank you for your compassion amidst adversity!

Erin N. Schultz, Executive Director